London Day Fourteen

Saturday 15 April

Today my friends were hosting a BBQ so while we waited for their friends to arrive I had a chance to catch up on my blog and watch many episodes of the Streets of San Francisco.

Luckily the weather was great and even a squirrel came out to play in their garden.

I gave my friends Easter Eggs I had brought with me from NZ and in return they gave me the most fabulous Easter Egg I’d ever seen – it looked like something straight out of Harrods!

The BBQ was yum and afterwards we all got to hunt for eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden amongst the woods in their backyard!


Holiday Blog Day 11, New Years Eve

Monday, 31 December

Ahhh the very last day of 2012. I’m glad it’s over. Even though there were many highlights for me this year, ie my big trip to the states, travelling all over New Zealand for work and getting to keep my job after more than a year of uncertainty, there were also some big low points such as Celine Dion cancelling her concerts due to illness (again), and going through the uncertainty of the restructuring at work sure has taken its toll.

Usually on New Years Eve a group of 4 of us go into town and party hard up on K Road, but this year we all decided that wasn’t so much fun the last time we did that so we wanted to do something different – and we did.

Another friend of mine who is over for Xmas from the UK held a party at her sister’s place (very kind sister).  It was the perfect venue – lovely big deck to sit and enjoy a great BBQ, conversation, a bit of dancing and at midnight there was even a great view of the Sky Tower fireworks.

It was a great night with great friends.