Where am I? (Q1)


Originally uploaded by beejayge

I’m thinking about running a little competition. The person who guesses the most answers correctly could win a prize.

So if you want to play along, here’s question number 1:

What is the name of this church and what street is it on?


  1. Michelle · August 27, 2010

    I think this is St Patrick’s Cathedral on Wyndham St. Have I won a prize yet??

    Not yet 🙂 but you are well on your way to being the winner. The competition is still going. Good luck with the other questions.

  2. Navick · August 29, 2010

    Is it St Paul’s on Symond St it doesn’t look like St Pat’s. 🙂
    I think I’ve won the prize. LOL!

  3. mikey · August 29, 2010

    It’s Notre Dame in Paris

  4. Fluffy · August 31, 2010

    I think Michelle is correct

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